Our Services

We offer a wide range of options to the families we serve.   From traditional services with visitation, memorial services, simple burial to any one of our five cremation options, we can help you arrange services that are meaningful and affordable.

Regardless of what service you or your family may select, our funeral directors and staff listen to your requests and fulfill them with utmost in care and dignity, with exceptional attention to detail. Also, we can help you apply for veterans benefits, social security benefits.

The Traditional Funeral Service generally includes calling hours or a private family visitation period, followed by a service in your church or in the funeral home, concluded by interment at your cemetery or cremation.

Calling Hours, also known as wakes, are  periods of time when the funeral home is made available for either public or private visitation.  This  provides for an organized, time limited  period for family and friends to come pay their respects to the deceased and offer condolences to family members.

A Graveside Service is generally a more simple service held at the gravesite of your cemetery with clergy, family, and friends present.  In this type of service there are no services in the funeral home or church, but often there are calling hours.

Cremation is a form of dispostion that consists of the incineration of the remains in an oven known as a tort.   The results of cremation consist of calcium bones fragments, commonly known as “ashes”.   Most families choose arrangements that provide for some formal services with prior to or following the cremation process taking place.

We offer an array of affordable cremation services, including visitation and services prior to cremation, cremation followed by a memorial or graveside service, or the most basic service with no other memorialization. read more