The prearranging and pre-financing of funeral and related expenses has become an important piece of estate planning for today’s families. Prearranging and pre-financing of your funeral arrangements may be one of the most considerate and responsible things you can do for your family. There are many excellent reasons to make pre-arrangements including;

Peace of Mind – The opportunity to make your wishes known ahead of time, and the time to consider the numerous decisions that will need to be made. When your arrangements are preplanned, your family simply needs to contact us and we will implement your arrangement. We stay in constant contact with your family to learn of their needs and wishes, but the most difficult tasks have already been accomplished.

Financial – Significant portions of a pre-financed funeral may be insulated from normal inflationary effects. Although we are not able to guarantee cash advance items, services provided by others such as cemeteries, churches and newspapers, much of the funeral home related expense may be guaranteed in a fully pre-financed funeral arrangement. Regardless of whether you are in a position to fully fund your arrangements, or wish to make multiple partial pre-payments, it is always appreciated by those left to take care of your affairs when these details are taken care of in advance.

Safety – The Anderson Funeral Home Group places funds entrusted to us with the trust department at Rollstone Bank & Trust, 780 Main Street, Fitchburg.

Something to Consider – Many people, in an effort to spare their families from any feelings of loss, say “just bury me with no service” or “just cremate me and scatter my ashes”. This approach, although well meaning, may actually be upsetting to those people you are close to that may very well need the opportunity to say “goodbye”. It is always good to consider the needs of others as you make decisions that will affect them for years to come.

We will be glad to make an appointment to discuss these plans with you, or if you prefer, simply send you a preplanning information packet.